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Topher’s major influences are the early French impressionists such as Claude Monet, Eduard Manet, Camille Pissarro, as well as, Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne. He feels a close connection to those men who painted drastically different from anyone else during their time. Topher is influenced by them because they were true to themselves. They had a visceral need to express themselves no matter what the culture around them thought of their art. They painted what they painted and how they painted it because they couldn’t live without doing it that way. It wasn’t the money, the fame, the galleries that drew them to art.A simple painting,  just a simple sketch of his grandmother’s. It wasn’t even finished. But it inspired him to pursue his first real passion in life: paint on canvas. His grandmother, although having passed away four years prior to this, left him this gift to reorganize and re-prioritize his life.He immediately dove in to art that day. Topher got his hands on every book, every video necessarily to help direct his steps as an artist. He became engulfed in everything from art history to putting paint on canvas, and has never looked back. And so ever since that groundbreaking life moment, Topher has been a visual artist whose illustrious career has spanned the last twenty five years. He has won multiple awards and has sold to collectors in the United States and abroad. Even among this success, he finds great joy in being able to simply give away a piece of art at a street faire to an adoring fan.One art critic has described Topher’s work as “Like watching the result of a fight between color, nature and the artist. It is very intense. I want more.”Enjoy his work

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